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Prize Wheels

Here are several ideas for our popular Prize Wheels.

Tiffany at Swainsboro Speedway in Swainsboro, GA. purchased our biggest “Big Top”, 40” Prize Wheel. They have an intermission every race night that includes their announcer really getting the fans involved. For instance, he walks around the crowd and might say the first person wearing a hat to come down, gets a spin. The prizes on the wheel can be anything from a free coke, to pit passes, etc.

In Lewistown, IL. Brad Denney uses their Prize Wheel in two different ways. He has one set of prizes that consists of track merchandise and concession items and one set with numbers on it. The numbers are the inversion number that is used for the feature race that evening. The Prize Wheel gets taken to the front stretch and the pole sitter gets to spin the wheel, the numbers go from “2” to “the field”. Brad tells me the Prize Wheel has added some fan involvement and excitement into the race night.


Monster Truck Event Promotion

If you have a monster truck event during your racing schedule, here is a great promotion for you. One of the keys to a successful monster truck show is
to get the kids there. Many have offered discount coupons for kids to attract the parents on the cost. Instead of coupons, try giving every boy and girl a free monster truck. That is just what Dennis Shrout, owner of Valley Speedway in Missouri. He asked a few years back for a large quantity of 3” monster trucks (Part # SO115) and told me what he was doing. After the event Dennis told me it was a big success and he has done that promotion several times since. The cost of a 3” monster truck is only .50 each, discount coupons are usually more. Plus the kids have a momentum of the monster truck show.


Frisbee Promo

Here is an idea from Joe Doellefeld, previously from Stateline Stadium Speedway in Post Falls, ID. Joe purchased some Frisbees w/ their logo on them and put them in the souvenir stand. He included them in a contest with a truck from a local automobile dealer and track sponsor. Joe sold the Frisbees for a chance to win the truck by throwing the Frisbees into the bed of the truck. The Frisbees sold for a few dollars each, a piece of masking tape was placed on the back of the Frisbee with the name of the customer written on it. At intermission, the truck was placed on the front stretch of the track and the customer could try his or her luck in tossing it into the bed of the truck. After all Frisbees were thrown, the track officials would collect them and put them back in the souvenir stand to sell again the next week, after removing the masking tape and a quick run through the dish washer. This can also be accomplished by just marking off a square on the track surface using starting line powder. The prize could be anywhere from one track pass to a full season ticket or more. By the way, in the many times Joe did this promotion, no one ever made a Frisbee into the pickup truck bed.


Color Changing Cups

Do you have a snow cone machine for those Hot summer race nights? These coloring changing cups are a big hit with the kids and will help sell snow cones on even the cool nights. Melissa at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Mo uses them with their snow cone sales. Once the cold slushy hits the cup it changes colors


Reusable Specialty Cup Promo

For the many tracks that offer alcoholic drinks, here’s a great promotion. Have your mixologist concoct your very own mixed drink with a special name just for your track. That’s what Greg Burgress did at Cocopah Speedway in Somerton, AZ. Their special drink, appropriatley named, the Coco Loco is a big hit with his fans. Greg uses a reusable cup with a lid and straw. The cup is quality constructed and is top shelf diswasher safe. Greg gets the cost of the cup paid for in the retail of the drink and offers a special discount price on refills.